All sparkling lights and melodic buzzing...

Pants are a reminder that you’re never as free as you think you are.

Things I am currently craving

- hot sex
- a warm shower
- milkshake
- cozy blankets
- warm, loving cuddles
- kisses 
- nuggets

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I am not the kind of person who let’s other people prove her wrong.

I am not the kind of person who let’s liars be apart of her life.

I don’t believe in being a coward or running away unless it is the only option left.

I am not the kind of person who hurts someone I love for no reason. Instead I offer my heart up for the beating and my life up for the taking if it means protecting and nurturing and caring for the person I love.

I am not the kind of person who takes others leaving lightly. I mourn the loss of the friendship and the love that was there.

I am not the kind of person who let’s others opinion of her matter. I am who I am and I live how I want and I don’t give a fuck how anyone feels about that.

I don’t believe in leaveling lights on when you’re gone. After 2 weeks all the locks are changed and the lights are off. I’ve learned my lesson, they never come back.

I am not the kind of person who needs false statements to make me feel better. If you think I’m pretty and it’s genuine then great, don’t tell me it to get in my pants.

I am not the kind of person who needs sex to make me feel valued or wanted or needed. I stopped being that girl shortly after I became her. There is nothing wrong with being celibate.

I am not the kind of person who let’s people stay in her life if they’re not adding to it. Don’t drain my happiness, I work hard for it.

When someone has been a major part of your life for a year and a half and then when things have evolved tells you its over and makes up all these bullshit excuses, it’s draining and takes a lot of energy to sort through it. I don’t want to sort through it any more or ever again. I’m better than that and while the remnants of that relationship are going to last for a long time… In the end it was for the best and I hope he’s happy. I hope he found exactly what he was looking for in between that girls thighs.

My two year mark of being single just passed and it’s been the worst two years I’ve ever had as far as love goes. More regrets than anything else but standing here at the end of it and realizing that I know what I want and need and the kind of person that deserves me was worth all the other fucked up shit and all the hell in the world.

I put too much physical and emotional and mental energy into being happy that I don’t have any to spare for people who just simply don’t give a fuck about me.

“This is the kind of tired that sleep can’t fix.”
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Been through it before. Will go through it again. That’s why your heart belongs in a box in your closet, safe and out of the way.


The Notebook ❤️ on We Heart It.


The Notebook ❤️ on We Heart It.

“I just need to know that someone out there listens and understands and doesn’t try to sleep with someone even if they could have. I need to know these people exist.”
— Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. (via crowmantic)

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“My heart wants roots. My mind wants wings. I cannot bear their bickerings.”
— E. Y. Harburg (via king-atlas)